Everything Is Connected
R. Lindemann (Author)
With over four decades in contract-engineering, this author has worked extended periods in several engineering fields, including chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, among others. This experience has offered him unique insight into key aspects of our physical and chemical world. Having also been heavily involved in the detailed data analysis that is required in various engineering fields, he was able define many core connections between physics, chemistry, our bodies, human behavior, and even how it all affects our beliefs and our decisions.
Logical Answers for Complex Questions
The Science Of God books are a refreshing look at the origins of all things from perspectives never before heard. This compelling series is the result of over four decades of research in the astrophysics, evolution, and creation fields exploring the viability of big bang, animal and human evolution, and creation. The Science Of God steps beyond our religious and scientific biases for an honest and logical scientific look at the reality of the origins of all things.
Science has Its Limits
There are things they don’t want you to know. It appears that by today’s standards both science and religion are infallible. But are they? Could there be errors in religious and scientific theories? When studying the facts, we find that things are not what they are cracked up to be. Let’s try a new perspective that challenges our understanding of both religion and science.
The Life Corner Stones
Set these Life Corner Stones in place to achieve all of your life dreams of Joy and contentment.
You are the most important person to you, and mastering you own life is your key to the Joy you deserve. Learning to overcome all of the negative forces of society and those around you is your path to that key. Hot Water is your map to that path. It’s your turn to thrive!
Problems arise on a regular basis in romantic relationships. The secrets to overcoming such marriage problems are hidden from us. There are answers and actions to consider that clear the way for rebust long-term relationships for those who want Joy in their marriage.
In our modern world it seems like every family has its problems. STRONG FAMILY guides you through the ups and down of family life with your spouse and children, as well as looking at your own childhood family. Old wounds will be healed and new ways made when you understand the secrets to a Strong Family.
We hear a lot about “manifesting” in recent times, but did you know that those principles are taken straight from the Bible? It’s true, and prayer is often not effective because of simple principles that very few people know or understand. You Understanding Prayer is paramount to your prayer success.
Where Religion Ends and God Begins
Is the Bible really infallible when they are so many different versions? Let’s try looking at the Bible from a new and unbiased perspective. It’s not what most people imagine. Understanding the Bible can be tough task due to our unconfirmed biases that guide our opinions about it. Are you ready to have your eyes opened to the Truths about the Bible?
Whose church is the right church? Will one church be saved over another? With the advent of the internet and social media, we now have an ever-changing landscape of opinion regarding the “Church”, most of which is biased agenda-driven information. Investigate for yourself what the Church really is. Most people are surprised what they find when they step outside of their chosen religion.
Your Path to Joy!
Finding true Joy is the unrealized goal of every one of us. In an often-thankless culture there are ways to improve our own disposition and bring Joy into our lives, even during some of the most troubling times. Thank You GOD presents a fresh view of life that is often overlooked by all of us. Thank You GOD is a clear path out of the fog of society and culture.
Health - Basic Science and Physics
A little bit of basic knowledge goes a long way.
The amount of questionable dieting information that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis has not been working for most people who are struggling with excess fat weight. It’s time to take a practical look at the only time-proven and simple techniques for safely removing the unwanted fat from your body the easiest way possible. Starting your efforts now will yield great rewards in only a few short months.
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Russ Lindemann - Author
Russ Lindemann - Author - Books
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