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Easy Fun At-Home Experiments
Accurate Science is the Core of Human Progress
Logic, Reason, and Critical Thinking are required in order to have Accurate Science. Without Logic, Reason, and Critical Thinking, we end up with science built only upon our emotions. If a Creator really does exist, then rational thinking is required. Science that is void of reason is little more than opinion and wishful thinking about something that we want to be true.

On this page, you’ll find easy-to-understand fun mini-courses that have a lot of good information and simple experiments, most of which can be done right from your very own home and in your very own neighborhood. The idea here is to offer everyone basic, easy-to-understand information and experiment ideas that don’t require any special set-up or special technical skills. This enables everyone to test the ideas found in these lessons, and you can do them on your own for free. This enables everyone to confirm in their own mind the facts about each topic covered.
Analysis of Flat Earth
(A Flat Plain or A Sphere?)
You Decide
Ever since the advent of the internet, an increasing number of people have been questioning whether the Earth is Flat (Flat Earth) or a ball (Globe/Sphere). With these basic short lessons and by doing a few fun Do-It-Yourself experiments, you can investigate and determine for yourself what to believe about the shape of the Earth.
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